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Sharel Cassity's Elektra, 2018


Sharel Cassity-saxes

Mark Whitfield--guitar

Miki Hayama--Keys

Linda Oh- bass

Jonathan Barber & Lucianna Padmore--drums

Ingrid Jensen, Marcus Printup, Freddie Hendrix--trumpet

Riza Printup--harp


"With its R&B and funk grooves and rock and hip-hop energy, Evolve seems to wear its title as an imperative. Certainly it’s a long stride from alto saxophonist Sharel Cassity’s prior three records of straight-ahead swing. Yet it works; in fact, it triumphs....With any luck, Evolve will establish her as a household name among jazz audiences" Michael J. West, Jazz Times


Sharel Cassity explores new directions with her funky new project, "Elektra." A blend of soul, jazz, rock, gospel, hip hop & electronica, Elektra's mission is to create groove based and creative music that appeals to a general audience as well as the avid jazz listener. Cassity's writing for this project spans from originals to arrangements of popular songs by Bjork and Alicia Keys. Elektra is comprised of some of the most renowned musicians in the industry today.



Evolve- Autographed

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